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About Nora Vandagrifft

In 1990-1993 while living in Malawi, Africa, Nora was driving behind a bus loaded with families when the bus tragically slipped over the edge rolling over and seriously injuring many of the passengers. When she returned to the United States, Nora made the decision to become a nurse to help others in a time of medical need.

Nora Vandagrifft, Assured Nursing’s CEO and Owner, graduated from Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with an RN degree. She started her professional career with Community Health in Kokomo, Indiana.

Nora worked 5pm-5am shifts and later 5am-5pm shifts and was required to work every other weekend. As a single mother of three, she was challenged to keep her life in balance arriving home as the children were leaving for school, then leaving for work as the children were coming home from school. Nora switched to day shift, believing this would improve the situation, only to learn it was difficult finding a day care that opened at 4am. Nora frequently found herself needing two sets of day care to handle the hours. Knowing there had to be a better way she went to work for a nurse staffing agency to provide flexibility for her family.

In June of 2000 at 1am while working for an agency, Nora received a call from the County Coroner saying that there had been a shooting and she needed to come and identify the body. That night Nora’s 13-year-old son was spending the night with his cousin. The two boys, unbeknown to Nora, decided to spend the night with a friend of the cousin. Nora called the night shift supervisor at the hospital and asked the supervisor to cover the balance of the shift. The supervisor agreed to finish Nora’s shift. Nora then called her agency employer to inform them she would be leaving. Before Nora could leave the unit she received a call from the owner of the agency saying she could not leave, that the shift was the agencies shift and they would lose the money for the shift. Regardless of the death she was expected to stay. Nora told the owner she was leaving and it would be her last day with the agency.

Tragically it was her nephew who had lost his life that night in a tragic circumstance.

Nora decided to start her own staffing agency and Assured Nursing, Inc. was formed. Nora wanted to give nurses balance between work and family — the flexibility to live a more fulfilled life.

Over the next year Nora worked to establish the business, working as a nurse three days a week and spending the other days marketing Assured Nursing. Nora landed her first contract by working at the hospital as a nurse and recruiting nurses in the evenings and on weekends. Fourteen years later, Assured Nursing does business with more than 50 hospitals and surgery centers in Indiana, and has developed partnerships with several physician groups. In February of 2012, Assured Nursing was selected to provide the Indiana Veteran’s Home in Lafayette, Indiana with the Medical Director and team of specialty physicians focused on keeping residents in the facility at home and healthy.

Assured Nursing, continues to focus on the flexibility to create a balance in life. Assured Nursing received its Joint Commission Certification in December of 2010, followed by the company’s certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise the same month.